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Firstly can I apologise to anyone who’s name I have got wrong, I am rubbish with them at the best of times and forgot to write them down.

My List:

Librarian – Terminator armour, Storm Shield
(Vortex of Doom, Null zone)

6 Terminators – 4 TH/SS, 2 LC
Land raider Crusader – Multi Melta

5 Tac Marines
Razor Back – Twin Heavy Bolter
5 Tac Marines
Razor Back – Twin Heavy Bolter
5 Tac Marines
Razor Back – Twin Heavy Bolter
5 Tac Marines
Razor Back – Twin Heavy Bolter

2 Land Speeders – Multi meltas, Heavy Flamers
2 Land Speeders – Multi meltas, Heavy Flamers
2 Land Speeders – Multi meltas, Heavy Flamers

Predator – Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Predator – Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Day 1

Game 1 – Chris Green (I think), Space Wolves (Kill Points, Dawn of War)

The list had a rune priest with living lightning and possibly jaws
3 Las/Plas razor backs, 2 with 5 man squads in them and 1 from the wolf guard that where spread through squads
2 10 man gray hunter squads in drop pods
2 assault cannon dreadnoughts in drop pods
2 Vindicators

Was a pretty straight forward battle, I knew this was the sort of army my list was designed to take on.

His dreads dropped right ion from on my lines on the first turn but there shooting was off and by the end of turn 2 they where both dead from the land speeders.

On the second turn one of the remaining drop pods came in I moved the LR over with the termies and for some daft reason got them out to charge even though it was clear as day they weren’t going to be within range. The gray hunters then went on to kill 2 razor backs and 2 tac squads before the termies finally caught them and munched them up.

The other drop pod came in and tried for a cheeky flank shot on a pred but scattered to close to allow the melta gun to fit so it bounced off the front armour. I then went a bit over kill on the squad with the land raider gunning down most of them and the land speeder finishing them off, I even managed to take out the drop pod.

The rest of the game involved the land speeders popping tanks well the remaining gray hunters tried to take them out without a huge amount of luck.

Finally score was a 28 – 2 win for me.

Game 2 – Aythlan Crookes, Blood Angels (5 Objectives, Pitch Battle)

So the list:
10 Death company with Chaplin in a land raider crusader
2 x 5 mans assault squads in las/plas razor backs
10 man jump pack assault squad with a librarian and sanguinary priest
3 scout bikers
2 Dakka preds

Was feeling quite good about this match up, my army excels in the objective games and I had the second turn.

Aythlan deployed in a big brick off centre with the scout bikes out on the flank.

 I deployed spread out a bit position to grab the objectives.

First turn his scout bikers took out one of my speeder squadrons (I really should watch out for that move it’s the second time someone has done that to me) the rest just rolled straight forward. I just moved to counter and shot up the scout bikers and managed to immobilise his land raider with a lucky assault cannon shot.

He then threw the jump pack squad forward, well I could hardly pass up that challenge, I used my land raider to block the front door of his one while putting the terminators into the assault squad I won the first round of combat but he held the next round the libby was all that was left so he broke and ran.

The speeder squadron on the left flank blew up one of the preds and them moved to block one of the side doors and with an immobilized razor back next to the other one I was hoping I had the death company trapped. Alas he just managed to fit them by a baw hair in the gap between the razor back and the land raider. They then proceeded to much through my termies and looked poised to be a real problem. Thanks fully the game ended turn 5 before they could cause too much hassle giving me about good win 28 – 4

Game 3 – Paul Burk, Elder (Drawtastic two objective game, spear head)

I had ran into Paul twice before at the club challenge and toy soldier last year, both times he tabled me I was determined not to give him a third.

Needless to say when he put a duel warplock council army down it wasn’t going to be an easy prospect.

He had 2 farseers with two tricked out councils on jet bikes
2 squads of 5 dire avengers
5 fire dragons
2 tricked out Falcon gravs

My cunning plan was to put the termies into one of the seer councils and try to take it out I figured I would ten be able to out manoeuvre the other one and take out the troop choices well rushing his objective with my own and trying to contest mine.

Needless to say with the land raider, termies and libby where taken out on turn 2 before they got to engage anything that plan went out the window.

I did make a couple of mistakes this game, having not played a warplock council before I assumed they had power weapons it was only half way through I found out my tac marines where a very good tar pit to use on them. Also I kept my vehicles too close giving them the ability to charge more than one.

Thankfully though the land speeders saved the day with one loan land speeder managing to contest his objective and with my on being contested it ended up in a scenario draw, course the bonus TP’s gave Paul the win 20 – 12.

Day 2

Game 4 – James Ramsay, Tyranids (Cleanse, Spearhead)

One look at James army and one look at the scenario and James army set this one up for a draw from the get go.

Hive tyrant with 3 Tyrant guard and a tyranid prime
3 squads of 3 Hive guard
3 of the gaunt spawning MC’s
Couple of gaunt squads

It was a 7 turn game and next to nothing much happened, I spread my army to the four corners, James dominated the centre, I fed some units to his army here and there, the picture really sums it up.

In the end it was a 14-14 draw (I got my land raider in his deployment and he got most VP’s)

Game 5 – Forgot the name, Space Wolves (King of the Hill, Pitch battle)

Wasn’t keen on the scenario but I figured I had a good list for rushing troops in on turn 5.

This was a small elite space wolf list, I was feeling good about this fight till I heard what was in it:

3 Rune Priests (All three with living lightning, 1 also had the anti skimmer power)
Long fang squad with 3 missile launchers, 2 las cannons and a wolf guard with a cyclone
Long fang squad with 5 missile launchers
2 ten man gray hunter squads in rhinos 1 with wolf guard
5 man gray hunter squad in a razor back
1 wolf guard in a razorback
Loan wolf in terminator armour, SS/chain fist

It was one of the best list I have seen for nullifying every advantage my speeders bring me.

The big long fang squad was accompanied by 2 rune priests and Logan, with tank hunter that was effectively 2 str 10 shots, 5 str 9 and another 2d6 str 8 shots.

Both long fangs where deployed in the center of the board I had the big hill spliting my depolyment your of advance.

I was really put on the back foot by this list and it showed in how I played rather than throwing the speeders into the mix I held them back and used them to soak up fire. In hind sight this was a mistake the anti skimmer power had me too scared to put them in the mix.

The termies managed to almost take out on gray hunter squad before dying they left one alive and that load guy made all the difference.

He had managed to stop me getting any troops near the objective and got 4 choices on himself, I managed to tank shock one squad off and I thought that had lessened the loss, but then I found it he only need 3+ for the top score so it ended up a 30 – 0 loss for me.

My final placing was 14th out of 40 well chuffed with that, my goal was to get in the top half finish.

The weekend showed the strengths and weaknesses in my army to me quite clearly against balanced lists it does very well but if I come up against a min maxed list I don’t have killness to stop proper hammer units. I was also quite chuffed with how I played personally, I made a few mistakes but on the whole I came up with a plan each game, stuck to it best I could and in generally came through.

I have put up some more picutres of some of the really nicely painted armies I saw here

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