Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Road to Brit Con

Well I have decided to try my first warmachine tournament at Brit Con so needing some tactical advice.

It’s 75 points and 2 casters, I figured it would be a nice easy one to start with (!)

Here is the list I am thinking of, the only things I don’t own are the MoW and the Koldun Lord


Spriggan [Bond]

Doom Reavers + UA
Great bears of Gallowswood
Min IFP + UA
Max Shocktoopers
Max Winter Guard Rifle Corps
Harlan Versh
Koldun Lord
Kovnik Joe
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt

My main assassination vectors are Vlad, devestator, spriggan and mortars.
(Drago and the doom reavers tend to be primary targets so I don’t plan for them to get a chance to get near the enemy caster)

Lady Aiyana gives me the ability to drop magic attacks plus the +2 dmg ability will never hurt.

I have fallen in love with the rifle corps and with Joe + signs and portents 4 dice take away the lowest to hit and 3 take away the lowest dmg (and with Lady Aiyana puts them upto pow 12).

Koldun is in there to drop a focus on the devastator as that’s all it normally needs.

The MoW are there to form a wall for Irusk to hide behind.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Lady Aiyana & Master Holt

Every since I was on the wrong end of them one game this pair now they find there way into all my Khador armies.

I mostly have them for her ability to make one units attacks magic as normally only my caster and doom revers have them so they fill that hole. Of course a couple of POW 12 shots and her other abilties are always useful to have around.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Cause one big jack isn't enough

I still can't decide if I love the Spriggan or the Devastator more, I have started using them both plus Draco in my pVlad list, it looks damm good down on the table and now I have all three painted it should look even better.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

More Axe Baby

Having realised I still need to buy the rest of my marine list I went back to painting up some war machine stuff. The man-hunter was simple and easy. Not sure I like the way Vlad has turned out but he will do for now I plan on getting the alternative pose and trying something different on that in the future.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Widow Makers

Well these where a pain to do. It's what I get for making it up as I went along. Really wasn't happy with them but started finishing them off as I was just making more mistakes well trying to correct the other ones.

Thankfully liberal use of wash saves the day, now I look at the pictures I think they turned out ok. they don't stand up to close inspection but will do for the gaming table.

Just glad I don't have to paint any more of them.


Well that's the last Warmachine stuff for a wee while I now need to get my marine army finished off for toy soldier.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Starting the Ball Rolling

Well other than the pledge it's time to try and fulfil another new years resolution, to start a modelling blog.

Currently I have been painting up some warmachine stuff and am surprisingly finding it quite enjoyable. Could be down to the fact I am actually painting an army without a deadline looming for once, it's a novelty I really should try and get used to.

For this army I am try to use a lot less of the GW washes and use a lot more metal. Most of it is done using the game colour brass.

I find the game colour stuff takes a lot less coats to get good coverage compared to the GW paints. Anything that requires my to put a brush to the model less can only be a good thing.

Just finished my doom reavers love this unit in the game (Crazed maniacs with large possessed swords that hit like a freight train whats not to love)

Got more pictures of them and the other bits I have done for it so far here

Currently I am trying to paint up the widow makers, lovely models with a lot of detail but taking me ages to get done, That's the risk when you make up the paint scheme as you go sometimes you get a bit lost.