Saturday, 14 December 2013

Beastmen: Shaman and Command group

Decided to take a break from painting Gor to do the command group and shaman.

Command group was relatively straight forward. Did some green stuffing of the banner not a 100% happy with the blood effect but decided it was good enough for a first attempt rather than keep trying to get it right and making it worse.

For the Shaman I decided to add a touch of white as it will make the characters stand out a bit and also I wanted to practised painting white.

I am happy I managed to get it streak free and kept a bit of shading around the joints not so happy with just how many layers it took. I started black and stepped up through grey before painting white but I towards the light grey I was just using too many layers I think I tried to take too big a jump up.
Next time I will  try and do the grey in more gradual increments.

Monday, 9 December 2013


So we have started a local escalation league, the idea is you start building and painting a 500 point army, then add to it to make it up to 1000, then 1500 etc.

I have used this as an excuse to finally take the plunge and do another WHF army and for my sins I chose beastmen.

So my first 500 points :

Bray Shaman - Staff of Daroth,  Lore of Beasts

25 Gor - Standard, Musician, Additional Hand Weapons

Tuskgor Chariot
Tuskgor Chariot

I went with the big block of Gor as it gets me through a big chunk of the painting. the level 1 with staff so he has a good magic missile to chuck out and when they get in combat wildform FTW!

And the chariots are chaff killers and at only 500 points there shouldn't be much I can't chuck two chariots into and not make a mess.

For the paint scheme I didn't want to go with the usual brown and after having a dose of common sense and deciding to not do them white I went with purple. I want them to stand out and look evil and chaotic. Since the paint scheme is so loud I went with a subdued look for the base, some mud, snow and weathering powers.