Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Expanding my collection

My goals for the next couple of months are to start using a third Khador caster and to get my cygnar army upto 50 points (and actually play with it).

For Khador I have been using PVlad and EIrusk for my third caster I wanted someone who could run a few jacks well and had iron flesh, after a lot of indecision I finally decided to go with PIrusk.

I have always been a big fan of Irusk's fluff. As for PIursk himself, his feat is handy for my play style against faster armies as they tend to get the charge off so I have to take it on the chin and then hit back.

As for spells, I can't wait to get superiority on to a spriggan, Battlelust for wrecking some face and inhospitable ground to screw with peoples plans.

My initial planned 50 point list:


Doom Reavers + UA
Great bears
Max Winter Guard Rifles
Kovnik Joe
Man Hunter
Harlan Versh

Eventually I want to get a unit of Kayazy Assassins and Beast 09 in there but for now this list will have to do.

For a second army I decided to go with Cygnar as I like a lot of there casters. The first list I am collecting is a 50 point Kara Sloan list.


Black 13th
10 Precursor Knights
6 Trenchers

The first game I had with a small subset of this didn't go too well, a winder guard death start hiding in cloud effects rolled right over my army.

I am hoping to have a bit more luck next time now I have the cyclone and the Black 13th in there to throw down some templates to block them.

Hopefully will get a couple of games into tonight with both armies and see how far my theory is from reality.

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