Sunday, 13 June 2010

Starting the Ball Rolling

Well other than the pledge it's time to try and fulfil another new years resolution, to start a modelling blog.

Currently I have been painting up some warmachine stuff and am surprisingly finding it quite enjoyable. Could be down to the fact I am actually painting an army without a deadline looming for once, it's a novelty I really should try and get used to.

For this army I am try to use a lot less of the GW washes and use a lot more metal. Most of it is done using the game colour brass.

I find the game colour stuff takes a lot less coats to get good coverage compared to the GW paints. Anything that requires my to put a brush to the model less can only be a good thing.

Just finished my doom reavers love this unit in the game (Crazed maniacs with large possessed swords that hit like a freight train whats not to love)

Got more pictures of them and the other bits I have done for it so far here

Currently I am trying to paint up the widow makers, lovely models with a lot of detail but taking me ages to get done, That's the risk when you make up the paint scheme as you go sometimes you get a bit lost.

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Maccwar said...

Yay, first comment!

Looks like you've been busy. I find blogging helps me keep my motivation up as it helps me track what I've accomplished.

Keep it up!