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WHF Battle Report - Summer Incursion 2012

Recently I took my Vamps on an outing to summer incursion a 2500 Warhammer Fantasy tournament at maelstrom games.

So to start off here is my list:


  • Master Necromancer (240pts)
    Level 3 Wizard, Undead
    Earthing Rod (25pts), Level 4 Wizard (35pts), Lore of Vampires, Opal Amulet (15pts)
  • Master Necromancer (255pts)
    Level 3 Wizard, Undead
    Dispel Scroll (25pts), Level 4 Wizard (35pts), Lore of Death, Obsidian Amulet (30pts)


  • Necromancer (65pts)
    Level 1 Wizard, Undead
    Lore of Vampires


  • Dire Wolves (40pts)
    Slavering Charge, Undead, Vanguard
    5x Dire Wolf (40pts)
  • Dire Wolves (40pts)
    Slavering Charge, Undead, Vanguard
    5x Dire Wolf (40pts)
  • Dire Wolves (40pts)
    Slavering Charge, Undead, Vanguard
    5x Dire Wolf (40pts)
  • Skeleton Warriors (195pts)
    Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Musician (10pts), Shields, Skeleton Champion (10pts), 30x Skeleton Warrior (150pts)
    • Standard Bearer (25pts)
      Standard of Discipline (15pts)
  • Zombies (158pts)
    Always Strikes Last, The Newly Dead, Undead
    Musician (5pts), 51x Zombie (153pts)
  • Zombies (155pts)
    Always Strikes Last, The Newly Dead, Undead
    Musician (5pts), 50x Zombie (150pts)


  • Crypt Horrors (380pts)
    Poisoned Attacks, Regeneration (5+), Undead
    10x Crypt Horror (380pts)
  • Fell Bats (32pts)
    Fly, Undead
    2x Fell Bat (32pts)
  • Fell Bats (32pts)
    Fly, Undead
    2x Fell Bat (32pts)
  • Spirit Host (45pts)
    Ethereal, Undead
    Spirt Host (45pts)
  • Spirit Host (45pts)
    Ethereal, Undead
    Spirt Host (45pts)
  • Vargeists (276pts)
    Fly, Frenzy, Undead, Vampiric
    6x Varghiest (276pts)
  • Vargeists (276pts)
    Fly, Frenzy, Undead, Vampiric
    6x Varghiest (276pts)


  • Terrorgheist (225pts)
    Death Shriek, Fly, Large Target, Regeneration (6+), Terror, Undead

Game 1: Jake Corteen - Lizard Men

Light Slann
3 Heros on cold ones
2 Skink/Krox blocks
 2 Terradon units
2 Salamanders
Lots of skink skirmishers

 I have played Jake before so I new this was going to be hard game. Jake plays a very cagey game and getting through all the skinks to get to the juice centre is a pain to do.

I deployed to the right of the centre to his army, the plan was to push him into the corner of the board where he couldn't escape. Use the varghists to sweep away the chaff from the crypt horror bunker while my chaff tried to take out the skinks or at least hold them in place.

Jake on the other hand turtle in the corner tucking the slann at the back with enough chaff spread out over the rest of the board to hold me up for six turns.

The terror ghast took out some scouting skinks on the left flank.

On the right flank I spread out trying to avoid the skinks getting behind me, again though I made the same mistake I made before and didn't leave anything at the back tot stop terradons getting around me.

As was expected the hero with the burning blade comes running into the front of the crypt horrors to pin them down.

This time I was ready for it and threw the vargs in the flank but failed to shift him. This was suddenly not looking very good for me.

With both those units pinned Jake started pushing forward.

The hero held for another round so now the situation was looking rather grim indeed for me.

Thankfully I finally got my head in gear and brought the terroghast over to clear out the hero and threw what remaining chaff I had in from of the skink/kroxblocks.

One block went into the zombies the other the flank of the vargs (the grey square) with a hero going in the front.
Both units held, I through the crypt horrors into the side of the block engaging the zombies. with another unit of zombies going in the flank of the other with the other vargs up the back.

The crypt horrors took out one block and the vargs finally got through the other.

When the dust settled I had managed to pull out a decent win. Jake's dice where a bit unkind to him at a few crucial moments that let me swing what had been a close game into a big win for me.

For once I felt like I handled the lizzy chaff quite well, I managed to stop it clogging me up too much. I still need to work on an answer to those cold one hero's though they cause me no end of problems.

Game 1 Score: 2500 BP 1190 VP

I suppose this i s a good moment to mention the scoring system. For their own evens maelstrom have their own scoring system. You compare the difference of VP's score the on a sliding scale this gives your your battle points (3000-250 for a massive win through to 1500 each for a draw) You then add on your VP's scored and that gives you your total.

Game 2:Steve Slatcher Dark Elves

Level 4
Level 2 on peg
Cauldron of blood BSB
Block of witch elves
Block of corsairs
unit of shades
2*10 spear
Large block of spear elves
10 Coldone riders


Steve turtled tight in the corner.

I deployed opposite with the vargs and terroghast in position to flank his army.

And then Steve caught me off guard by shoving it all forward.

This led to one of my varg units failing their frenzy test and went charging into the middle of the army. This forced my hand and I shoved everything forward.

The vargs shredded the spearmen they charged and over ran into the corsairs. This panicked the hydra and sent it running off leaving that flank wide open.

The cold one knights went in against the crypt horrors and much to my surprise the crypt horrors took five off in the first round of combat. The witch elves went running off after killing units of chaff.

The second unit of vargs then swept into the side of the corsairs and took them out.

 With them down the vargs went and took out the bunker with the wizard. The terroghast took out the level 2 on the peg.

I kept the witch elves chaffed up well I surrounded them.

 And down they went in one round.

At that start of game Steve managed to not get mind razor much to my relief. When he played so aggressive it put me on a bit of a back foot I had assumed I would have another turn to get into position, thankfully I managed to take the charge and overwhelm them in combat. The varghists working to text book perfection.

Game 2 Score: 3000 BP 2149 VP

Game 3: Michael Biggs - Orcs

It a horrible list, all the chaff in the world and that nasty savage orc bunker.

Another opponent and another tight deployment in the corner.

Last time I played Michael I tried to play a cagey game this time I decided to shove it all forward and force the issue.

His chaff came forward to block me up and pick off my chaff.

I kept pushing forward clearing out the chaff and trying to put pressure on his bunker.

At this point the savage orcs came out to play and a unit of night goblins failed their animosity and decided they wanted some of it as well. Half the crypt horrors disappeared under this assault.

This fight being the key one I threw the vargs into the front of the goblins and the zombies in the flank. This gave me massive combat res breaking the goblins who escaped and the savage orcs who bounced off the table taking the level 4 and BSB with them.

This being the end of turn three Michael called it quits as  would soon take the rest of the table.

I would like to claim superior generalship but the goblins running into the flank are what really swung it for me.

Game 3 Score: 3000 BP 2725 VP

So for day 2 I would be starting on table 2. Bit of a nose bleed situation.

Day 2 to follow.

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