Thursday, 16 June 2011

WIP Space Wolves Drop Pod List: Update 2

Well the schedule has went out the window, Not quite sure how it happened as I lost a week's worth of painting because of practice for the unseen lurker event. Despite that I find myself well ahead of schedule.

As you can see I have got all the Grey Hunters done along with the Wolf Guard and the first drop pod.

First up we have the drop pod, this actually took a lot longer to do than I was expecting but I got the result I wanted. When I get all seven of them on the table it should look quite striking.

Next up we have the Wolf Guard, Some of the combi-melta are kit bashed, nothing fancy but on the table top they look as good as the real thing.

Then we have the wulfen, I wanted these to stand out from the normal grey hunters, so I made them dual wielding and painted them red.

Finally the Grey Hunters, I just have the banners to make up for them now. I managed to paint these a lot quicker than I expected, still not quite sure how I managed to do them so quickly as I am sure I was behind schedule.


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