Saturday, 14 May 2011

WIP: First models roll off the line

Well got my first few done and based, took a lot longer than I thought.

Two main problems so far a) Still not layering the paint on thin enough B) Dust, lot of it about just now and it's getting on the models :(

The  bases are from secret weapon miniatures, I did put weathering powder on these ones but I won't do it again, it's too messy with models this colour.


Maccwar said...

Nice work, they're an improvement over the Dark Angels already. You'll get better at the techniques for these colours as you go along.

On this batch I would suggest painting a tiny amount of wash on to the recesses to pick up the shading - then again close ups are always harsh on things like that.

Waltz said...

They are pretty hevily shaded i the big recesses, the smalled ones not so much but it was too much of a pain painting the models this colour and trying to keep them shaded