Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Club Face Off

So last Sunday saw me taking part in the club face off between the Night Owls, Flame on, Maurders and the Mighty Pub Team. It was across, 40k, WHF and Warmahords

We (The very drunk pub team) managed third with flame on going to win the following is how I got on at the 40k.

My List:

Librarian – Terminator armour, Storm Shield, Null zone, Vortex of Doom

6 Terminators – 4 TH/SS, 2 LC
Land Raider Crusader – Multi melta, Extra armour

5 Tactical Marines
Razor Back – Twin Heavy bolter
5 Tactical Marines
Razor Back – Twin Heavy bolter
5 Tactical Marines
Razor Back – Twin Heavy bolter

2 Land Speeders – Mulitmelta, Heavy Flamer
2 Land Speeders – Mulitmelta, Heavy Flamer

Predator - Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponson’s
Predator - Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponson’s

Game one – Pitch battle, seize ground

Game 1 was against Josh Roberts, I actually picked this fight as I have seen him win both the 40k tournaments I had been at this year so I wanted to see how I would do against him.

He was running an ork battle wagon list.

5 mega armoured nobz

Big Mek – KFF
10 Burna boyz

15 Slugga boyz – Nob with PK
15 Slugga boyz – Nob with PK

15 Gretchin – Runtheard

Battle Wagon – Death roller
Battle Wagon – Death roller
Battle Wagon – Boarding plank, Ram
Battle Wagon – Boarding plank, Ram

We had three objective deployed in a diagonal line with one near each table edge and one in the middle.


I won the roll off and elected to go second, I have next to no long range firepower so going first would do me no good.

Ah what a lovely brick from left to right it’s boyz with a death roller Ghazghkull and the nobz, Big mek and scorchas and finally the other boyzs mod and death roller.

I put two razor backs in reserve

I put the 2 preds with a razor back and a land speeder squad behind opposite him the land raider with the termies in it went on my right with the other speeder squadron on the left.

Turn 1

Orks moved forward…that’ is all.

I moved the land raider up on the right to get a flank shot, two speeders on the left move for another flank and the two in the middle turbo boosted to straight in front of the two centre battle wagons.
Got a fantastic first turns shooting destroying both the flanking battle wagons.

Turn 2

Well this turn got off to a good start for me with the big meks battle wagon immobilizing it's self trying to drive over one of the wrecks despite it having the ram (the big mek fixed it later in the turn)

The 2 wagon less boyz mob moved to engage the landspeeders, Ghazghkull got out separate from the nobz and called a waaaagh! and the gretchin wandered on at the back of the table.

In the close combat phase Ghazghkull and nobz took out both predators and the razor back in the middle (I should have moved them)

The left hand speeder squad lost on and got the other one shaken, with the middle squad only taking minor damage.

On my turn on razor back cam on behind the raider, the land speeders bugged out the line of fire for a turn and the five marines in the middle ran as fast as they could from the mega armoured nobz.

Turn 3

The big meks battle wagon tried to drive over the wreck again and rolled a 1 thankfully this time the ram save it from would could have been a moment of pure comedy.

One of the boyz mobs and Ghazghkull got back in a working battle wagon, the mega armour game chase to the 5 tac marines on foot and the rest of the orks spread out a bit.

My other razorback game on and moved up the right hand side, the land raider moved to the middle and all the speeder swooped down on the big meks battle wagon. In the shooting I only managed to immobilize it

Turn 4

At this point we realised we where fast running out of time having only 90 minutes to do a game.

The Gretchin moved to secure one objective, A boyz mobile the middle one and the mega armour nobz to grab the one near my half.

Ghazghkull tried to assault the land raider but didn't manage to do anything to it.

My tries assaulted the mega armoured nobz wiping them out at this point I made a serious error, I had meant to move my speeder to contest the middle objective and run my tac marine to contest the gretichin.

This and it cost me a draw as at the end of my turn dice down was called giving Josh the win

Game 2 - Kill points, Spearhead

Apologise to my opponent as I have forgotten you name.

Oh joy it's nid and even better is very similar to nasty list I took on a toy soldier.
Hive Tyrant
3 Tyrant guard

3 Hive Guard
3 Hive Guard
2 Hive Guard

2 Of the gaunt spawning things
2 units of termagaunts
1 unit of hormagaunts.

Plan was simple run away shooting.


Nothing fancy going on here big block of nids as close as they could get.

I put all the tac squad in reserve planned to use the preds and land raider to try and shoot me the odd kill point while using the speeders to distract.

Turn 1

My speeders shot along both table edges, the land raider moved a bit closer.

In the shooting phase the land raider and the two preds managed to take out a gaunt squad giving me a kill point.

On the nid turn everything moved forward and a couple of Gaunt squads where spawned.
The shooing managed to shake one of the preds

Turn 2

The speeders kept zooming about, the land raider started rolling backwards and the pred that couldn't shoot put a bit more space between it and the nids. One razor squad came on I put them in the back corner.

In the shooting phase I tried to take another gaunt squad out but four survived.

On the nid turn the advance continued with the mauled gaunt squad disappearing to the back.

Turn 3

More backing away, more shooting from me. The remaining razor backs both came on, I tried a sneaky move brining one on at the far end of my table edge to try and get the gaunt squad at the back.

IIRC I shot up another gaunt squad this turn for my second KP

The nids went after the loan razor back and managed to take it out for there first kill point.

Turn 4

I stared putting some fire into the hive tyrant and his unit that was getting too close for my liking putting a wound on the tyrant and one of the guard.

The nid shooting but blew up one pred and shot the turret off the other bring the game to 2 kill points each.

Turn 5

This turn everything I had went into the Tyrant's squad putting another wound on him and taking out one of the guard.

I then charged the termies in the ensuring fight all but one tyrant guard where wiped out and the hive tyrant was left on a wound. I lost the my librarian and both the lightning claws.

At the end of my turn the nids where winning 3-2

On the nid turn the shooting didn't do much so it came down to close combat thankfully the termies managed to kill the last guard and the tyrant pulling it back to 5-3 to me.

And thankfully for me with the game ended.

Game 3 - Dawn of war, capture and control

Darren with the shiny medals

The winners Flame on

The Mighty Pub Team


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